Increasing the Use of Electriglas in the P.O.P. Market

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dc.description.abstractBeing involved in the Work Experience Senior Individualized Project has been a positive step in my Business Career. I have been involved in decision making processes and even responsibility not usually given to students still in college. I have always felt confident in my abilities, but I have even more confidence now. In this project, I have evaluated certain aspects and products of the business in an attempt to help Wordenglass. The basic outline of the project will consist of three sections, 1 .) Evaluation and Recommendations to Increase the Use of Electriglas in the P.O.P. Market, 2.) My role in the Sales Process of Electriglas, and 3.) The Integration of my Classroom Experience with Work Experience. In my first section I will introduce the company, Wordenglass, and their major product, Electriglas. Explanation will be given on how the product is manufactured, and the advantages of this product over others in its industry. I will then give a little background information on the P.O.P. market, and what products are presently being used in that market. I will give applications of Electriglas in this market, and finally propose recommendations of how to increase the use of Electriglas in this market. In section 2, will briefly explain the overall process of landing an Electriglas sale. I will explain the different levels at which each step takes place, and my role in these steps. I will also explain certain sales tools that can and should be used in making sales calls. I will also explain the other avenue in which Electriglas sales can be made, through the Custom Representatives Wordenglass is associated with in the market. I will also explain my role on the Custom Rep side. This section is finished by describing some of the marketing functions that take place at Wordenglass, and my role in these marketing functions. Finally, section 3 is a short section on the integration of my classroom and work experience. I list the experiences I have had while being an Economics major at Kalamazoo College and how this has helped my career.en_US
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dc.titleIncreasing the Use of Electriglas in the P.O.P. Marketen_US