The Adonis Gym and Fitness Club

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Hurst, Nathan
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The purpose of this paper is to set up and outline a possible business plan for a fitness club. The name of the club is intended to be The Adonis Gym. The first major issue addressed is where to locate the gym. It was decided through market research suggested that the best location for the gym would be in an unsaturated market; therefore Saginaw was deemed an excellent location. In Saginaw the best place to put the gym would be along one of the major expressways, thereby being extremely accessible. The gym would sit on a 10 acre plot of land costing about $200,000. The next issue was the construction of the actual building and parking lot. The gym is to be housed in a building made of two major rectangles. The larger rectangle will house the weight section, the aerobic section, the cardio section, and the front desk of the gym. The smaller rectangle would be home to the locker rooms with saunas, towel check, and the tanning salon. The entire construction would come to 27,720square feet. This would also include an 80-space parking lot. The next thing would be to install televisions and a stereo system. The main stereo system would service the tanning salon, the free weight and machine weight sections of the gym, as well as the cardio section. This system would cost about $1800. In addition to this a stereo system would also be needed in the aerobic room. Once the stereo system is completed the next issue is the buying of televisions. It was deemed necessary that the club would need over 20 televisions costing about $5,175. In addition to this the club would also need to outfit these televisions with some form of cable so that they could receive stations such as ESPN and MSNBC. Security then becomes an issue in the club. Not only do you want to keep nonmembers out but you also want to be able to make sure people are acting properly so that they do not get hurt. Therefore it is proposed that a catnera system be put together that would be housed behind the front desk. In addition to this a computer system would be installed in the front desk. Each member would receive a credit card like I.D. that they would swipe in the computer system upon entering. In this way all coming and goings of the patrons could be tracked electronically and recorded. The gym also needed a towel service but in order to insure the towels are not stolen a towel check was put in place in the back near the locker rooms. This facility was outfitted with a washer and dryer system as well as a desk. Wholesale supplements would have been the next aspect of the gym to put in place. In this way the gym would sell such items as creatine and protein shakes and mixes from behind the front desk. In addition to this the front desk would also be home to a small juice bar. The gym's own line of athletic clothing would also be sold from behind the front desk as well. This clothing would have the emblem of the gym emblazoned on it and would therefore serve as a form of marketing for the gym. With this in mind a logo needed to be developed for the gym.
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