Kingdoms of Kiobos : A fantasy sandbox game for personal exploration of game development

dc.contributor.advisorCutter, Pamela A., 1970-
dc.contributor.authorLewinski, Marissa
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dc.description.abstractThis paper gives insight on the development of an indie adventure role player game called Kingdoms of Kiobos, also referred to as KOK. While KOK is still in development, it is being designed with the intention of containing different activities that everyone can enjoy. KOk is to act as stress relief or an escape from the strain of everyday life. With fishing, fighting, farming, and even befriending the local citizens as only a small fraction of what a player will be able to do in the game, there will be enough to never tire of the game. By the end of development, there will be 5 different kingdoms and other smaller areas to enjoy, each with their own unique settings and characters to interact with. With no pressure to complete quests, the player is free to enjoy the world as they desire. This project has allowed me to improve my skills in art, coding, and world-building. The original goal of this project was to allow me to jump right into the game development process, giving me some much needed experience in this realm of computing.en_US
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dc.titleKingdoms of Kiobos : A fantasy sandbox game for personal exploration of game developmenten_US