Dual Internships with Morgan Stanley and Wicklander Printing Corporation: A Thorough Discussion of Marketing A Small Business

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dc.description.abstractThis paper serves two main purposes. First, it discusses the summer internships that I took part in at Morgan Stanley in Oak Brook, IL and Wicklander Printing Corporation in Chicago, IL. Second, it offers an in-depth look at the process of marketing a small business and its products. The two intertwined due to the fact that I was put in charge of marketing programs at both companies. Hopefully, this paper will offer the reader a better understanding of how one should go about marketing a product or service to run a marketing campaign efficiently. As an intern with Morgan Stanley, I was responsible for creating an audience for Sam Valeo's financial education seminars, which were used as a tool to bring in new clients. To carry out my duties, I constantly had to adapt to the way individuals as well as corporations viewed the investment banking society. Throughout my internship with Morgan Stanley, I learned a great deal about the concepts involved with selling a product as well as the importance of customer service. As an intern for Wicklander Printing Corporation, I was able to use my marketing skills to develop and implement a niche-marketing program aimed at unions in Chicago. In addition I managed a project team responsible for building and rolling out an e-business system called printCate, which linked the estimating and order entry phases of print purchasing for specific clients. I will discuss my work with Morgan Stanley in more detail in Section II of this paper, followed by my accomplishments with Wicklander Printing Corporation in Section III. Following the review of my internships, I will go into a detailed discussion of the fundamentals of a marketing campaign, specifically the steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful and efficient marketing campaign. I will bring this paper to a close with some concluding remarks about my experiences this summer. Hopefully, this paper has provided a better understanding of the principles of marketing and the benefits that are a result from the proper technique of marketing a product.en_US
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dc.titleDual Internships with Morgan Stanley and Wicklander Printing Corporation: A Thorough Discussion of Marketing A Small Businessen_US