Comparisons of Hunting Culture in Southwest Michigan and Southern Africa

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dc.description.abstractThroughout much of human history, hunting has been a key practice for basic survival. However, in recent years it has taken on a different form. Although there are places across the world that still rely on hunting as their number one source of food for survival, hunting animals is now often perceived as form of tradition, or sport for many others. This project will examine two extremely different geographical locations and discuss the hunting cultures practiced in each. Even though the hunting cultures of these two areas vary and have their own unique characteristics, they both maintain mutual values that all hunters have shared throughout history. This SIP will provide evidence of the hunting techniques in both regions as well as the different animals that were harvested. One of the other main topics that this research paper will present is the underlying culture that plays into hunting in these regions. There are several cultural differences between the two that make them unique in their own regions and even subregions. The traditions that have played into hunting in both of these regions has enhanced the overall style and efficiency of hunting and has played a major role for the preservation in wildlife.en_US
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dc.titleComparisons of Hunting Culture in Southwest Michigan and Southern Africaen_US