Diving Into the Gender Pool : the difference between coaching girls and boys in swimming

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Williams, Danielle
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As a swim coach, it is important to train your swimmers in a way that best benefits them. There are swimmers of both genders and different ways to train them. In order to train swimmers in the best possible way, it is important to know these differences. In order to discover the differences I coached the co-ed Grosse Ile Golf and Country Club summer swim team, collected field data, did literature research, and interviewed 9 swim coaches to discover these differences. Girls are more emotional beings. Boys and girls are both very competitive, but different in the application. Boys are competitive against the other teams and against each other, it is more individualized. Girls, however, are more group oriented in their competitiveness; they will get up and go to beat other teams, not each other. There is also a difference in taper. Males need to taper earlier because they have more muscle that gets damaged. The approach by the coach in motivating girls versus boys is different as well. Boys tend to be easily excitable where as girls need to have their excitement tapped into. Different language is used to motivate boys and girls. With boys it's more aggressive and girls it's more comforting. Also, Females have a more social aspect to swimming than males do, which may explain why females seek and give more feedback. This shows how girls are more concerned with disappointing people. Boys, also, are less accepting than girls. There is also an age factor. There are very few differences in coaching when kids are young. When they get older, however, differences emerge. Girls hit puberty earlier then boys and plateau earlier. Lastly, the gender of the coach has an effect. Same genders relate better. Male and female coaches differ, though, in their opinions of the qualities that a coach should possess. One thing that is the same, however, is that they both would choose to coach females over males.
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