Economic Analysis: Pine Ridge Resource Center, Saginaw, Michigan

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McKinney, Jason Cory
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Initially, I will reflect on my senior individualized project in which I had the opportunity to work alongside masterful business men that had invested hundreds of hours in a multi-million dollar business venture that I will refer to as Pine Ridge Resource Center. In this paper I will attempt to entice the reader by giving an overview of three areas of the project which include the start-up costs, agreements in the contract, and the marketing tactics used to lease out the available space in the resource center. Firstly, the start-up cost section takes a look at the actual process of getting the project going. How the idea was introduced was actually through networking and a client approached the investors. Hours were then spent sitting down with the builder to get an idea of what some of the costs would be. Somewhat of a budget ·was drawn up and the next step was figuring out how to finance the project. The group decided to apply for a loan to finance the actual construction costs. The two accountants and the builder combined for the rest of the collateral in the form of stock in which they owned in the project. A fourth investor was brought in to add some additional capital to the project. In the form of a loan the fourth investor loaned the group a substantial amount of money 1n which he will be paid back at a attractive interest rate over a 15 year period. This section goes into detail as the extent of the loans along answering other questions about the project. Additionally, the second part of the paper introduces an overview of a very lengthy contract. The contract is very clear and is obvious that every situation, word, and question is drawn out, defined, and answered. What I attempted to do for the reader in this section is clarify some of the terms outlined and defined in the contract. It also goes into some detail as to what would happen tn as or if certain situations unfold. Basically, I tried to depict the important and interesting sections of the contract and analyzed them. Lastly, the marketing section gives the reader an idea of some of the tactics the business did in its attempts to attract potential tenants in the ultimate goal of having the entire complex leased out before the actual completion of the project. Working on a similar marketing scenario I had the opportunity to aid in producing a brochure that would be sent out advertising the space. These are the three areas I have analyzed and researched for my senior study of Pine Ridge Resource Center.
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