The Marketing of Jesus Christ

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dc.description.abstractThe marketing of Jesus Christ is a big business. This is not only true concerning the church. All over the United States, in hundreds of ways, people and organizations are promoting Christ every day. Billions of dollars are spent annually and congregations commit millions of hours to marketing Jesus. So what is the driving force behind this mega-marketing campaign? Why are individuals choosing to make marketing Christ a passion in their lives? Why are churches investing so heavily into new facilities and advertising, trying to attract new members? There is no membership fee, and many of these organizations are not for profit. That removes the profit motive. So why all the fuss? In this case, the product itself is the motivating factor. Christians believe that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again to pay their debts. They have accepted the fact that they were eternally damned, but they were given salvation. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23). It was a gift of grace that came in the form of Jesus Christ. So Christians, or believers, have been saved and want others to have this same opportunity. As a result, they have invested much of their time and money into the business of marketing the gospel message. Over time, it has truly become a business. Marketing tools and theories are being employed with regard to Jesus Christ and the church. Is the use of marketing appropriate in this situation? Is it okay to package God as a product and market Him within a consumer driven society? This paper is an exploration of where to draw the line regarding the marketing of Jesus Christ. Is it appropriate at all, and if it is, to what extent? How much is too much?en_US
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dc.titleThe Marketing of Jesus Christen_US