Branches: A Literary Arts Magazine for Young Writers and Artists

dc.contributor.advisorCaldwell, Ellen M., 1951-
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Katheleen M.
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dc.description.abstractThe moment I had the idea for a children's literary arts magazine, I was thrilled. I had finally developed an idea that I knew I would care deeply about, that would give me a true sense of accomplishment, and that I could labor over for months without boredom. It was a nebulous idea at best. In my mind, I was excitedly designing page layout, envisioning the works of art we would receive, and the faces of proud parents whose children were now published. In reality, I had no money, no desktop publishing programs, no ideas for how to garner submissions, no staff, and minimal experience working on magazines. I did not know any printers or how much publication would cost. I knew for a fact that getting adequate submissions in time would be a challenge. It was a great SIP possibility, however. My responsibilities as editor in chief would be crucial to my possible future in publishing since I would learn how to select distinctive writing, edit a text, and work with a staff to ensure a professional end result. The concept of working with a staff particularly intrigued me, since it would teach me the dynamics of leadership and how best to capitalize on individual talents to work effectively and creatively as a team. Additionally, after years of reading children's literature penned by adults, I could give the children themselves an opportunity to express their stories, hopes, and ideas. I resolved that the magazine would be my SIP and I would figure out the details along the way.en_US
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dc.titleBranches: A Literary Arts Magazine for Young Writers and Artistsen_US