Exploring the Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Student Learning : A Series of First-Hand Experiences

dc.contributor.advisorBarth, Eric J., 1964-
dc.contributor.authorBunker, Aaron
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dc.description.abstractThe following essays are based on my first-hand experiences interacting-as a teacher, mentor, tutor, and friend- with children and young adults. Before I started writing these essays, I knew I wanted to write about my experiences working with children, but I wasn't sure in what context. After having discussions with my advisor, framing these essays in the context of socioeconomic status seemed like a meaningful way to present them. I think socioeconomic status is an important topic to cover because all children and young adults share so much in common—they all laugh, feel sadness, make friends, become frustrated when school is hard—but not everyone is treated equally or given the same opportunity to prosper. Socioeconomic status is not something that children can control, but it has an enormous impact on them, and for many it has an extremely negative one. That is why I feel it is important to explore the effects of socioeconomic status and to provide my perspective on what I have experienced.en_US
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dc.titleExploring the Effects of Socioeconomic Status on Student Learning : A Series of First-Hand Experiencesen_US