The Restaurant Business: A Look at What it Takes to Start up a Restaurant

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dc.description.abstractI did my experiential Senior Individualized Project on the restaurant business. Specifically, I experienced and participated in the opening up of my family's new restaurant It has been an involved process since day one. This paper has two main chapters; the first focuses on the experiential segment of my SIP, and the second is a research section devoted to the initial planning that goes into opening up a new restaurant. In the experiential portion of this paper I describe my work experiences of the past three years, the lessons I have learned and relate how this has impacted my life. I also discuss future plans and where the restaurant business fits into those. The research chapter lays out the three major factors in pre-restaurant planning. The analysis goes through, first, the different types of restaurants, then menu planning, and finally site location. This paper is meant to function as a tool for an inside perspective on the restaurant business. I relate my various experiences in our family business to give the reader a sampling of what this industry entails. The research section is to be used as a guide for pre-opening decision making. The reader should look at the information given and assess whether or not he/she is ready and willing to put forth the extreme amount of effort and risk that goes hand in hand with the business. I finally conclude my analysis with general things to keep in mind, along with the promotion of infinitely detailed planning and expectation of the unexpected. In short, if one researches and plans for every last detail, understands the market in the area, and can provide a restaurant for the community to enjoy then all ahead full towards the restaurant of your dreams.en_US
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dc.titleThe Restaurant Business: A Look at What it Takes to Start up a Restauranten_US