Marketing "The Sports Network"

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dc.description.abstractAccording to Joel Evans and Barry Berman, "Marketing is the anticipation, management, and satisfaction of demand through the exchange process. (2, p. 16)" Marketing encompasses several other items, including advertising, buying, selling, and pricing. "The Sports Network" is looking to use marketing and all that it encompasses in a way that would expand their business to more and more potential customers everyday. Marketing and all of its aspects are applied to the company, "The Sports Network" in this paper. The purpose of analyzing all of the aspects of marketing that concern "The Sports Network" is to determine whether or not "The Sports Network" has a solid marketing foundation from upon which it can draw in order to go out and expand its customer base. In order to expand its customer base, "The Sports Network" must compete for clients with the other firm in this oligopolistic market, the "Sports Ticker", By entering the sports-wire service field 11 years ago, "The Sports Network" turned this formerly monopolistic market into an oligopolistic one. By being competitive in this oligopolistic market and thereby expanding its customer base, "The Sports Network" can make its sports-wire service available to people to whom it was never before available. As a means to this ends, this paper offers a few techniques that are viable options for "The Sports Network" and which, if used, could prove very beneficial. As a result of the research put into this paper, it is concluded that "The Sports Network" has a very solid marketing foundation and can feel free to put as much effort as possible, even perhaps following one of the marketing techniques offered in this paper, into expanding the marketing abilities and therefore, the customer base, of "The Sports Network."en_US
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dc.titleMarketing "The Sports Network"en_US