Effects of Chronic LSD Usage on Sensory Perception

dc.contributor.advisorVanLiere, Donald W., 1915-2002
dc.contributor.authorKoss, Lynda Sue
dc.contributor.authorRyan, Ann
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dc.description.abstractEvoked responses to visual and auditory stimuli were recorded from the cortex in two groups of subjects, a group of normals and a group of chronic LSD users. A comparison of the evoked responses was made to determine if there were any significant differences between the two groups. Results showed that there were no significant differences on either measure. The two groups were also tested on the Kinesthetic Figural Aftereffects procedure. Each subject was then termed a reducer or augmenter on the basis of his bar score; a score above the median for each group indicating an augmenter, a score below the median for each group indicating a reducer. Although the results were in the predicted direction, there was no significant difference between the number of reducers and the number of augmenters in the two groups. A rank order correlation revealed a high correlation between the Kinesthetic Figural Aftereffects scores and the light amplitude-intensity slopes for the normals which did not exist for the LSD group.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipLangley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute. University of California, San Francisco, California.
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dc.titleEffects of Chronic LSD Usage on Sensory Perceptionen_US