Real Estate as a Recession Recovery Tool

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Houdak, Nick
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This past summer I spent about three weeks interning with Laura Hammer, a real estate agent in Muskegon. While I was there, I worked on a project dealing with trying to sell houses that she owns rather than finding more renters for her to fill up the time. Laura was very big on business ethics and acting in a morally correct fashion, and she knew and taught me how these clients could save money in the long run by buying the house rather than continuously paying rent every month for a year or two. Instead of making more money for herself, she wanted to see others bettering their lives. In this paper, I give a detailed description of the business that I worked for and also the tasks and responsibilities that I had while I was there. Laura works for 5 Star Professionals and I would spend my days either with her at the office, or going around and completing some of my projects. I discuss in this paper how I planned and organized a commercial for Laura with Comcast. Also, I talk about the For Sale By Owner program that I worked with along with the program of trying to get people to buy her houses rather than leasing. Afterwards, I have an essay about how real estate investment and the real estate business has played a big part in the recovery of the United States economy after the recession caused by the terrorist attacks on 9/11. In the essay, I conclude that even though real estate investment has increased extremely fast in the past couple of years and a feared real estate bubble is possible in the future, I think that with smart investment decisions and a good economy, that real estate will grow to be one of the main business concepts in our nation. Intelligent investment choices will help decrease the risk of certain portfolios and on a more than average basis, produce positive returns for the investor.
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