Geometry Within Infinity

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McKeever, Syrus
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I started my college career majoring in physics, but soon changed to my passion of painting. I took my love for physics with me into my works, and started this series based on the complex idea of infinity. Infinity is the concept that I found the most fascinating in my study of physics, and I have always had a deep love and appreciation for our galaxy and space. This series explores the way infinity works in physics, math, geometry, art, and life. I aimed to make abstract art of this abstract concept that had as much depth in the work as the depth of the concept. The paintings started as a direct representation of scientific diagrams of theory on infinite multiverses. Although a hard concept to grasp, the diagram is simple circles aligned. From there I incorporated imagery of galaxies and space to ground the painting in something commonly known to be infinite. It creates something people know and can latch onto when trying to traverse this complex subject. I layer in infinite geometry symbols throughout the pieces and use a consistent color pallet to create continuity between the individual art pieces. Finally, I created the pieces to combine in a way that shows a golden spiral running through all of them. The golden spiral and golden ratio are important elements of fine art and are a natural phenomenon. All the individual works try back into one another creating another form of infinity: an infinite loop. This is used to wrap the concept into a whole, easy package to be viewed and understood. The goal of this work is to represent a complete view of all the facets of life that the concept of infinity touches in a coherent body of work. I aimed to create a tangible collection of works that make this seemingly untouchable concept graspable, and in turn created an infinity all its own.
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