Physiological Profile Analysis of Male and Female Collegiate Basketball and Swimming Teams

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dc.description.abstractPhysiological profiles of four collegiate athletic teams were studied. A total of twenty-eight subjects, seven subjects per team, were tested in four principal areas. The anaerobic characteristics (anaerobic capacity, anaerobic peak power and blood lactate concentration) were attained from the Wingate 30-s Anaerobic test. Body composition was calculated through hydrostatic weighing to determine percent body fat, lean body mass, and fat mass. Muscular power was measured via a vertical jump. Aerobic capacity was measured using a treadmill protocol to attain V02 max (maximal oxygen consumption per minute of maximal exercise). The results indicated a surprising difference existed between the physiological profiles of male and female athletes in regards to V02 max, anaerobic capacity, and blood lactate concentration. Male basketball players were found to have the highest V02 max contradicting existing reports that swimmers, a specifically 'aerobic' sport, would be substantially higher in aerobic fitness. The anaerobic fitness levels, in terms of anaerobic capacity and anaerobic peak power, of both male and female basketball teams was substantially better than that of the swimming teams. The greatest difference seen between the four groups was in terms of blood lactate concentration. The women's basketball team was seen to have the highest tolerance to lactic acid accumulation.en_US
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dc.titlePhysiological Profile Analysis of Male and Female Collegiate Basketball and Swimming Teamsen_US