Ability to Learn Emotional Intelligence Clusters through Emotional Intelligence Training

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dc.description.abstractThe proposed study examines the impact of emotional intelligence training on overall emotional intelligence awareness and also focuses attention on the difficulties of learning social competence clusters (social awareness and social skills) in comparison to learning personal competence clusters (self-awareness and self-management), outlined in Goleman's competency framework model (Goleman, 2000). A more significant improvement in the clusters of social awareness and social skills among participants in the Continued Training Group compared to those participants in the Single Training Group and Untrained Group would validate the two hypothesizes that emotional intelligence can be learned and that the social competence clusters are more difficult and take longer periods of time to learn than the personal competence clusters. Sixty men and 60 women with a mean age of 42 years that worked a minimum of 40 hours per week were used. Emotional intelligence clusters and overall emotional intelligence were measured using the Emotional Competence Inventory, the Work Profile Questionnaire, the BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory, and the Multifactor Emotional Intelligence Scale. The proposed study is valuable because previous research has only focused on the ability to improve overall emotional intelligence (EQ) and has ignored the idea that some clusters and competencies may be more difficult and require more time to learn. By identifying the more difficult competencies, more time and training can be spent in these areas, which will improve scores not only in these areas but also will improve overall EQ. This research would also allow for the elimination of the social competence clusters from l-and 2-day training programs and allow for the implementation of long-term training programs to improve skills in these areas.en_US
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dc.titleAbility to Learn Emotional Intelligence Clusters through Emotional Intelligence Trainingen_US