Most Efficient Single Dose of Fenbendazole to Control Gastrointestinal Parasites of Llamas and Alpacas

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dc.description.abstractLlamas, alpacas and camels, which are members of the Camelidae family, are prone to gastrointestinal parasitic infections as are other ruminants, making it important to know what types and dosages of anthelmintics (anti-parasitic drugs) to use for them. Currently, there is very little information available about camelids and anthelmintic use; therefore, it is important to determine safe and effective dosages to use for llamas and alpacas. This study investigated the efficacy of the anthelmintic known as fenbendazole against several gastrointestinal parasites of llamas and alpacas. The research herd of approximately 100 llamas and alpacas at The Ohio State University was used in this trial. They were divided up into four groups: one group received 5mg/kg offenbendazole, one received 10mg/kg, one received 20mg/kg, and one was the control group and received 15mL of water. An initial eggs-per-gram (EPG) (parasite eggs per gram of feces) measurement was determined before the animals were treated. Thirteen days after dosing, an EPG was determined for each animal and was repeated every 7 days after that for 27 days. EPGs were determined using a modified Stoll's Technique. The results of this trial with fenbendazole have shown that a single dose of either 10mg/kg or 20mg/kg were both efficacious (at least 90% decrease in EPG at 13 days after dosing) for species in the family Trichostrongyloidae, Trichuris, Capillaria, and Strongyloides.en_US
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dc.titleMost Efficient Single Dose of Fenbendazole to Control Gastrointestinal Parasites of Llamas and Alpacasen_US