Perceptual Development of Three-Dimensional Object Completion in 4-to-10 Month Old Infants

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dc.description.abstractThe development of the visual system begins at a much younger age than believed by Piaget. At 4-mon infants' perceive object unity of a partly occluded object if provided with texture, alignment, narrow occlusion, and motion. As fine manipulatory skills develop around 5-to-6 mons, infants gain more knowledge of object properties. The proposed present studies examine 4-to-1 0-mon-old infants' ability to complete volumetrically a computer generated stimulus. After habituation to a 15° rotation, infants are tested with a 360° rotation of a complete and incomplete stimulus. Researchers hypothesized that 6-to-1 0-mon old infants would volumetrically complete the stimulus and therefore show a longer looking time to the incomplete stimulus due to their growth in manipulatory skills. The control condition was used to verify that it was the habituation trials that lead to infants volumetrically completing the stimulus. Researchers found significant effects for both the test and the test x age interaction in the wedge and L (the stimulus used for the following experiments) experiment. As predicted, no significant effects were found in the control condition. For the wedge condition, researchers found a significant difference in averaged looking times between the 4- month-old group and the 911 0-month-old group when viewing the complete wedge. For the L condition, researchers found a significant difference in average looking times between the 4-month-old group and the 9/1 0-month-old group when viewing the incomplete wedge. This study is one of the first to be conducted looking at infant's ability to volumetrically complete an object from a limited vantage point and at what age that develops.en_US
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dc.titlePerceptual Development of Three-Dimensional Object Completion in 4-to-10 Month Old Infantsen_US