Activating Theatre at Hackett Catholic Central High School - Part 2

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dc.description.abstractAs a student I do not think I ever realized the discipline, effort, and attention to detail it takes to be a teacher. After going through a school system for the last fifteen years, the organization in the classroom always seemed structured and fairly similar to the year before. When I took on this project with the Hackett High School improvisation group, I figured the classroom would do most of the work. I had never really thought about teaching as a career, but I thought I should give it a shot. Not for finding a new career path, but the experience would help me learn more about myself. At the outset of the project I was a little nervous. I had attempted to complete two other projects in the psychology department to fulfill my Senior Individualized Project credit for the school. My first project was going to involve experimenting with the effects of art on people rehabilitating after surgery. I was going to take a sports psychology angle, which is something I am very interested in. Unfortunately the person I was going to work for put an end to the project before it even began. The plan was to work at a new rehabilitation facility through Bronson Hospital, but my supervisor was unable to take on anymore student workers for the summer, leaving me without a Senior Individualized Project for the summer. My second project came through one of the psychology professors, and involved working at the Center for Community Mental Health. This project was going well, but it was not a part of the field of psychology that I am interested in and the literature I was expected to look for on the topic did not exist. When Nicholas Kessler came to me with this project I was skeptical. I took the improvisation class in the spring a year earlier and the section on Activating Theatre was my least favorite section of that class. This made me reluctant to agree right away. So I agreed to sit in on a class, rehearsal and performance before I made my final decision. After seeing a performance and the creative process in the rehearsal, I decided to give it a shot. Watching Nicholas facilitate a class discussion and the students bounce ideas off of one another trying to come up with the most concrete scenes for the audience was something that I wanted to be a part of. From this project I expected to obtain some knowledge about teaching and being the leader of a group of young adults. Unfortunately I went into the project with the idea that it would technically run itself and I would be there for a support if needed.en_US
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dc.titleActivating Theatre at Hackett Catholic Central High School - Part 2en_US