Changing the Fortune of a Stagnant Business : Integrating Special Needs Children Into Summer Camps

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Finkelberg, Jory
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This paper will present a marketing plan for a small business that is looking to attract a new market through an expansion of its services. Wooden Acres Camp is a small, local, Jewish summer camp for children. This firm currently focuses on overnight camping while attracting one specific market segment. With enrollment down in recent years, expansion is needed. Wooden Acres Camp will expand into special needs childcare. This expansion is presented in detail in the marketing plan. Before expansion, you must consider what other firms have done and how it has affected their business. This paper begins with an analysis of current literature addressing small business marketing strategies for success or failure. It also looks at how special needs children have been mainstreamed into regular schooling and programming. The focus areas shown in this literature include building brand awareness, market segmentation, customer loyalty and retention, and integration of special needs children. After a review of recent literature, this paper addresses the situational analysis, setting up the basis for the marketing plan. This part of the paper analyzes the market, macro and microenvironments, the competition in the market, the consumer, and a SWOT analysis addressing key aspects of the firm. Following the situational analysis is the marketing plan. This is where the marketing strategies and tactics will be explained along with the objectives and ways to determine success or failure. The primary objective of the marketing plan is to increase market share through development of a new program, special needs childcare. Marketing strategies used in this plan are both current and updated tactics to attract new consumers while retaining current market base. Five main strategies are identified: coordinating a program with two local day camps, advertisements in the Jewish News, informational meetings, direct mailing, and targeting special needs schools and programs with an integrative culture. Current market strategies address will be continuation of an annual camp reunion with some expansion, social media, and offers through discount sites. This marketing plan will be carried out over a four-year span, with projections and financials to measure results.
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