Koret, Inc. v. Christian Dior, S.A. and Christian Dior - New York, Inc.: A Legal Case Study

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Gerrity, Erin Eileen
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The initial reason for performing my SIP in a law firm was to confirm my belief that I wanted to pursue a career in law. Working here the past months has finalized my decision to attend law school; however, it has also raised some new questions. As I have been exposed to multiple aspects of the profession, I have become more confused about my specific interests in law and less sure about what the legal profession actually is. The experience as a whole has presented a series of doubts, insecurities and ambiguities. Perhaps the most ambiguous factor was the nature of my job, i.e. my "purpose". Working in the name of knowledge (or in the name of learning if one does not consider the two synonymous), did not seem to clarify the description and expectations of my job. Without an immediate supervisor to direct me, I felt unsure about what I was to do and what purpose I was to fulfill. Fortunately there was work to.be done, and the most beneficial part of my SIP was that the attorneys took the time to instruct me. When I was given a project, whether a research topic or a summary of documents, they would not merely tell me what to do, rather they were willing to make an investment. They would explain the matter to me, the history and what the case involved so that I would understand what I was doing and why. In addition, for every matter on which I worked, the attorneys provided me with all of the relevant documents so that I could attain an even better understanding of the issues and experience for myself all that was involved. This also enabled me to gain a clearer picture of the processes of law. I was also able to attend hearings and sit in on conferences. Although at these times I was not "useful" to the firm in any way, the experiences were very valuable to me. I must admit that I am amazed and impressed to find that learning was as important to them as it was to me. This has led me to the realization that learning in itself can be a valid purpose. So even though in the beginning I was skeptical about performing a job which was so unstructured and with no apparent "purpose", I have come to believe that this was for the better. Because I was not limited to working in a certain area, I had the opportunity to explore many aspects of law. And although I have not yet determined the exact outcome of my future in law, I have realized that the field stretches in all directions, and that I am open to the possibilities.
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