Gender, Visual-Motor Skill, Self-Regulation, and Letter Knowledge as Predictors of Preschoolers' Name-Writing Skills

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dc.description.abstractResearch has established emergent writing as an important tool for enhancing the skills necessary in the achievement of literacy proficiency. Thus, the identification of predictors of preschool writing is not only an important step in promoting the development of early written language competencies, but also in promoting the acquisition of more advanced literacy knowledge. While the majority of literature in this area focuses on factors within the literacy domain that influence the sophistication of emergent writing, the present study attempts to define . a more holistic model of writing development by considering the influence of non-literacy factors on preschoolers' representations. of written language. Results reveal that gender, visual-motor skills, self-regulatory abilities, and letter knowledge are all significant predictors of preschool name writing when entered into simple regressions. When analyzed using a multiple regression that accounted for age, however, only gender, visual-motor skills, and letter knowledge contributed significantly to the model. Based on these findings, the discussion section proposes methods for equipping preschool children with the skills necessary to achieve optimal writing success.en_US
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dc.titleGender, Visual-Motor Skill, Self-Regulation, and Letter Knowledge as Predictors of Preschoolers' Name-Writing Skillsen_US