An Inside Scoop on the Booming Industry of Protein Powders : A Literature Review

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dc.description.abstractRelying more and more on supplements for physique support and control, athletes and bodybuilders look heavily toward protein powders. Not only do protein powders supply protein, they contain high amounts of essential amino acids, which are pertinent for muscle recovery and growth. Whey, egg, casein, pea, soy, and hemp are among the top most popular types of protein powders available on the market, by a multitude of manufacturers. Discussions are ongoing regarding whether or not protein powders are advantageous for athletes, with many opposing findings and beliefs. Whey protein powder and casein powder have two different types of uses, which is not always fully understood by athletes. Whey protein powder is best used as a meal supplement, while casein is best used for overnight recovery formula. Whey protein powder has more benefit than casein when comparing overall results on muscle growth and recovery. There are many factors that effect the maximum potential benefits of protein powders, including pre- and post-exercise consumption time span, rigor of exercise, specific type of protein powder, and overall health consciousness. If used properly, keeping in mind the many factors, protein supplements are a good way to boost protein intake while keeping daily calories low, and can benefit the athlete and non-athlete alike in muscle growth and overall strength.en_US
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dc.titleAn Inside Scoop on the Booming Industry of Protein Powders : A Literature Reviewen_US