1-2-3, Nǐ hǎo !

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dc.description.abstractI will break down what specifically this paper contains. The second portion has information about the literature I read and how it prepared me for teaching children. The Review of Literature section goes into detail as to how I formulated my approach to teaching middle school students. For instance, at first, I did not care where the students sat in the classroom as I instructed Chinese lessons. However, in Highway to E.S.L the authors gave many helpful tips as to where I (the teacher) should position myself and move about the learning space. Also, it made me think about where my students should sit so I could better engage with them as they learned Chinese. Likewise, my readings allowed me to understand how children view language learning and go about it. Although there were many occasions where the students voiced their opposition to learning Chinese, I think the environment was the cause and not the actual material. This will lead me to discuss my “Approach” for my project. In the “Approach” section of my paper, I will give in depth information on the school demographics, afterschool program demographics, club activities, etc. The method I used to teach the students involved me creating a lesson plan with various topics. I will discuss how I designed my lesson plans and give examples of what I did with the students. Also, in this portion of the paper journal entries will be presented to show how the children reacted to that day's activity. I will explain why I chose certain games or tasks. The “Approach” section is my in-class experience and observations of the students. But before getting into those topics, I would like to give an overview of the Mandarin Chinese language system to allow the reader to better understand this project and Chinese.en_US
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dc.title1-2-3, Nǐ hǎo !en_US