The Truth

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dc.description.abstractThis S.I.P. is composed of separate but interrelated sections. They are separate in that they address different areas but are homologous in that they are all focused upon on an oligopoly, the A.M. Todd co. of Kalamazoo Michigan. The first section provides an analysis of theory relating to oligopolies and their correctness of fit to the Todd Co. The second section is the project produced for the Todd co. which is followed by a third section which attempts to expose the relevance of course materials to the rest of the S.I.P. The first section provides several modern theories on oligopolistic industries. The standard tests used to expose the existence of an oligopoly were applied to the mint industry to illuminate its oligopolistic nature. Todd's relation to the overall market via price and output control are also discussed along with the relationship between oligopolies and economic efficiency. The largest portion of the theory section deals with Sales Maximization Theory. It is evinced that Todd, along with many other oligopolies, opt for the maximization of sales volume rather than profit. The second section is the sole of the document. It contains all the discoveries made and analysis offered from a twelve week investigation into the mint industry. Todd lacked individual customer and product profitability and cost data and had been previously operating using only the aggregate figures supplied to them by their accounting department. The second section provides Todd with profit and cost data for individual customers and product types that was obtained through ~ research, interviews of the production and sales divisions, and interpretative analysis. During this process several inadequacies in Todd's production and accounting departments surfaced and were also addressed in this section. The third section illuminates the interpenetrating nature of the courses taken at Kalamazoo College and the project undertaken. The classes and theories that were helpful in completing the project are discussed along with useful skills assimilated at "K" such as analytical thinking and a holistic approach.en_US
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dc.titleThe Truthen_US