Business Report and Marketing Plan : Ann Arbor Brewing Company

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Siwajek, Thomas M.
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The idea to establish The Ann Arbor Brewing Company came in passing during one of Matt Greff's (the owner) home brewing sessions with two of his good friends. Beer has always been a great love to Matt, and all of his friends seemed to enjoy his final products. So why not start a small business selling his homemade beer? After looking at all the different opportunities in the brewing industry, Greff and three other investors decided to go a route that has barely scratched the surface in the U.S.; they decided to start a brew pub. Most people when asked have no idea what a brew pub is. Everyone assumes that it has something to do with a bar but don't know the new concept that it brings to the brewing industry in the U.S. A more thorough definition follows later in the introduction, but generally it is a bar that serves its own homemade beer. There is a glass wall that separates the brewery from the restaurant area, allowing the patrons to watch the beer being brewed while they eat. Next to having good-tasting beer, a brew pub must have a menu that keeps people coming back. Success lies in an effective and thorough marketing plan. The main theme of this paper is to define successful marketing ideas that other brew pubs in the U.S. have used. Originally, I was asked to compile a business plan for The Ann Arbor Brewing Company. Because financial plans changed dramatically, I was asked by Mr. Greff to visit existing brew pubs in the midwestern U.S. He wanted to be assured. that a business venture such as this would generate profits. My report contains suggestions of what must be included when the business plan is written, and marketing ideas that work in the brew pub industry. As a result of my research, it is concluded that The Ann Arbor Brewing Company will have a very successful future given the demographics of the Downtown Ann Arbor area and marketing schemes that have been proven to generate profits within the industry. Bars have always been successful in Ann Arbor, and a fresh concept such as this will be greatly accepted by the drinking population.
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