The Spontaneous Manifestation of a Creature’s Psyche

dc.contributor.advisorRice, Thomas, 1960-
dc.contributor.authorSarver, Leonardo
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dc.description.abstractThis paper is a narrative of the process associated with my Senior Integrated Project The Spontaneous Manifestation of a Creature’s Psyche. It explores my creative journey of self discovery through art. I will tell a somewhat chronological story of the creation. Beginning with background on my thoughts and feelings leading into my final year at Kalamazoo College, then recounting the three chapters of the project’s creation. The first; the fall, and advanced studio. This section explains my thinking and feelings throughout a class and a series of pieces created during the class. The second; acts as a bridge connecting the series of pieces from advanced studio to what I would ultimately make for my project. This narrative is a personal exploration of the growth I experienced throughout the process.en_US
dc.relation.ispartofKalamazoo College Art Senior Individualized Projects Collection
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dc.titleThe Spontaneous Manifestation of a Creature’s Psycheen_US