Looking cross-culturally at the systems of care for the developmentally disabled

dc.contributor.authorHirth, Kristin W.
dc.description.abstract•Developmentally disabled people have an important place in our society as friends, family members, volunteers and co-workers. •We see and interact more with disabled people in public, on the streets, at the movies and in the grocery stores. •People are realizing the care a developmentally disabled person receives and their quality of life is equally as important as their own lives. •Good quality services offer more possibilities for people that are developmentally disabled to work, volunteer and be productive as integrated members of the society. •The systems of care in the U.S. and in South Africa, Botswana and China were looked at in this study. It is no surprise that the attitude and the types of care reflect the culture of the country.en
dc.titleLooking cross-culturally at the systems of care for the developmentally disableden