The Experimental Works of Jean Piaget and a Discussion of Their Educational Implications

dc.contributor.advisorCalloway, Jean M., 1923-2019
dc.contributor.advisorPeterson, Douglas, 1926-3027
dc.contributor.authorMead, Elizabeth A.
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dc.description.abstractThe first part of this paper is a rather lengthy and detailed summary of the experimental works of Piaget in the areas of number and geometry. I had a number of reasons for making the summary so detailed. Unfortunately, Piaget is a relatively obscure person in the field of education. There are many very brief summaries of Piaget's work, but they are so brief that it is hard to realize just how important Piaget's discoveries really are. Also, by explaining his techniques and the results of his experiments in full, I hoped to make it easier to see the many implications of his work in the field of education. Last, but certainly not least, writing it all out helped me to understand exactly what Piaget was saying.en_US
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dc.titleThe Experimental Works of Jean Piaget and a Discussion of Their Educational Implicationsen_US