Copyright Infringement & its Impact on Society

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Coombs, Laura
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What exactly is copyright infringement? How does our government deal with it? Why does it have such a big impact on the music industry and us as the consumers? These are all questions that I will be addressing throughout this paper. In general, this paper will show that copyright infringement is a serious issue that has affected our country as well as our relations with other countries greatly. It has made a major impact on our government and our economy in different ways. There are four different sections dealing with different facets of copyright infringement. To start off I'll talk about how copyright infringement first came about and how the laws and organizations to curb this issue have grown over the years. I will then proceed to talk about the court cases and legal battles that arose from these laws being enacted and the growth of the public domain. The third section will deal with the topic of politics. I will be starting out focusing on the domestic aspects of how our government and politicians deal with copyright infringement and their beliefs on the topic. This section will then move on to international politics, the treaties signed between countries and our international agreements on copyright protection. It will end with an explanation about what The Pirate Party is and how it has affected other political parties in the United States and abroad. The fourth section, to finish up the paper will be on the effects copyright infringement has on the United States. Digital music and MP3 players have made online music sales skyrocket since they first came about which has had a great impact on our economy and on the music industry. It will also discuss the opinions and beliefs of some copyright holders and their view on infringement as well as how it has affected them and others.
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