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dc.description.abstractThis booklet contains a screenplay written to be submitted as a Senior Individualized Project in the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts at Kalamazoo College. The screenplay includes pre-production notes, shot descriptions and dialogue for a medium length video or film presentation. The shot descriptions include notes on photography, any audio or music cues which may exist, and the dialogue which will appear in the given frame. In addition, there are a number of storyboard plates which provide visual suggestions and additions to the narrative descriptions found throughout the screenplay. The story involves three primary figures: one woman and two men. The woman, Katrine, and one man, David, are involved in a relationship that is on the verge of becoming serious emotionally. The third figure is never seen, only heard. He is a figure who places a phone call to the woman late one night, a phone call which may be called obscene, although this one is more erotic than actually obscene. At first the woman thinks that the caller is her boyfriend, and later realizes that it is not. The calls come at a time that is critical in the emotional development of the couple, and the calls have a strong effect upon the woman, both emotionally and psychologically. The primary thematic catalyst of the story finds embodiment in the woman's inability to make a decision to take action directed at stopping the calls. She is faced with trying to stop the calls, or tracing them to find out the identity of the caller, or, by doing nothing, letting.them go on; all of which appeal to her at various times.en_US
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