German International Business Culture

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dc.description.abstractAs a firm continues to grow, there comes a point when the firm can decidedly switched from a solely domestic market to that of a broader international one. This is not a decision that any firm can take lightly, as much thought and changes may need to occur in their strategy before their international ventures can be successful. Many factors could be involved in why a firm would consider "going global." The competition from companies abroad might already be selling similar products in their domestic market, which in turn causes a decrease in sales. Another option could be the wide spread success of a product in the domestic market and the firm feels it could also be successful in another country's market. This could come about by the demand in the international market for such a product, perhaps if there is not a similar substitute available. The production process might have changed, causing the firm to be able to produce the product more efficiently and would now be more competitive against their international counterparts. Other events might have occurred changing the political situation in a country, perhaps an increase in cross-national cooperation, or a decrease in the barriers of foreign trade or investment, all of which have an enormous influence on international business ventures. Regardless of the reasons a firm decides to venture into the realm of international business and in what facets they do so, the firm must take into careful consideration cultural aspects in order to be successful.en_US
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dc.titleGerman International Business Cultureen_US