A Generalized Program in Numerical Analysis

dc.contributor.advisorNielsen, George M., 1934-2023
dc.contributor.authorAlbert, A. James, Jr.
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dc.description.abstractThe first section, "Use of the Program", describes how to do various types of problems with the program. It is written for a person with a minimal knowledge of computer operation and no knowledge of programming. The major portion of the text is directed at persons who have some knowledge of programming and would like to gain a fairly good idea of what the program does and how it does it. The organization of the program and its major algorithms are discussed, along with the major variables used in the program. The sections 0n " The Library Subroutines" and "The Operator Routines" contain extra information for those who would like to extend the capabilities of the program. Finally, the last portion of the text is a listing of the actual program itself, both in symbolic programming language and in 1620 machine language. Presumably, almost no one will be interested in reading this portion of the paper in its entirety, and only a few in reading parts of it. However, it is there for the benefit of whoever may be interested The reader interested in modifications is referred to the listing at relevant points.en_US
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dc.titleA Generalized Program in Numerical Analysisen_US