"Natural Killer Cells As Natural Born Killers": Directed by the Activated GTPase Dynamin-2

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dc.description.abstractAlmost an enigma in the immunological world are Natural Killer (NK) cells - a distinct class of cytotoxic lymphocytes. Their ability to kill tumor and virally-infected cells without prior sensitization makes them unique when compared to other cytotoxic lymphocytes. Once activated via the cross-linking of the Fc receptor (FcR) of either the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) or natural cytotoxicity (NC) pathway, a cascade of signals activates various intracellular proteins that eventually lead to NK. cell activation. Ultimately, the activated NK cells kill various target cells by releasing protease-filled granules from a polarized area of sphingolipids and receptors at the interface between the NK. cell and its target. Recently, a new protein GTPase called dynamin-2 has been hypothesized to be specifically involved in the NK cell activation, cell-mediated killing and lipid and granule polarization processes. The postulation was made about dynamin-2 because it has been found to be present at the necks of newly forming vesicles at the trans-Golgi network. The results from this study suggest that once activated in the NK cell activation process, dynamin-2 has been found to influence further NK cell activation, cell-mediated killing, and both lipid and granule polarization. Specifically, over-expression of dynamin-2 was shown to positively enhance all of these processes, further supporting its role in NK cell functions. These results further underscore the pivotal role of the GTPase dynamin-2 in mediating NK cell functions.en_US
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dc.title"Natural Killer Cells As Natural Born Killers": Directed by the Activated GTPase Dynamin-2en_US