Hazardous Material Transport and Disposal: Regulation and Product Innovation

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Lucier, John
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This paper describes the economic basis for the pollution control industry. It draws upon basic economic theory to reveal the need for this industry and shows the economic effects that the pollution-control industry has on the market system. This paper also explains the government's role in mandating and enforcing environmental regulations concerning hazardous materials. In addition, the research includes historical summaries of hazardous waste management regulations. The Pollution-Control industry is introduced next. These businesses developed as a result of government mandates. Several goods and services developed and sold by Ultra Tech International are evaluated, including: 1. polyethylene storage drums, 2. secondary containment systems, and 3. the Tanker Tourniquet This is done using efficiency criteria, resulting in highly efficient means to solving the stated problems related to hazardous materials storage, transport, and disposal. The second section gives an account of the internship I completed for Ultra Tech International. This included time at both their production headquarters (located in Mentor, Ohio) and at their corporate offices (located in Jacksonville, Florida). In Florida, I spent most of my time working as an Assistant Product Manager for one of the company's newest products: the Ultra-PopUp Pool. My main assignment was to compile a national database containing names, telephone numbers, and addresses of all parties responsible for the spilling of gasoline, diesel fuel or other hazardous chemicals on to a public roadway. This project along with others are discussed in detail in section 2. The last section is meant to integrate the new found know ledge and comprehension of important aspects in the business world with that which I have learned as a result of the innovative education I have received while attending Kalamazoo College. My senior independent project has given me the confidence and experience necessary in today's cut-throat job market. In addition, the research and work contributed to my growing interest in environmental studies. If I decide to continue my education, it is highly possible that I would study this rapidly growing and highly essential field.
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