The Realities of Immigrants : An Education Through Zines and Immigration as an issue of Feminism

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Paxtor, Nain
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I created a zine to help educate individuals on different aspects of immigration to allow them to grasp the realities of immigrants and, hopefully through education, lead to changes within the immigration system and, or, decriminalizing immigration. In the zine, I included different aspects of immigration; specifically, populations of immigrants in detention centers, abuse and death rates, crime rates and stigmas, legal processes, reasons for migration, and private facility contractors. These aspects of immigration fully realize the realities of immigrants and collectively demonstrate an attempt to reduce the population of legal immigrants in the U.S. I purposefully provided data and information on these aspects to destigmatize immigrants, demonstrate the difficulty to obtain citizenship and to expose the profit contractors receive from the privatization of detention centers. Ultimately, through the zine, my goal is to educate readers on the substandard management of immigrants in the U.S. and encourage them to pursue action on changing the immigration system or decriminalizing immigration. To reach the desired goal, I plan to distribute my zine digitally and physically. To reach my desired audience, which is Kalamazoo College students with limited knowledge of immigration, I want to distribute my zine physically in public spaces on campus to encourage discussion, further education, and awareness of the realities of immigration. Distributing my zines digitally, through social media, will allow me to reach a larger audience and, hopefully, spark conversations that motivate the reader to pursue change in the immigration system. Since my target audience is American citizens, my objective when creating this zine is to educate them to enable them to make well-informed decisions about who to represent them in congress and who to vote for in the office, as they are citizens with the right to vote and the power to create change. Although it may be difficult and tedious to reform the immigration system, the support of American citizens will enable a path for immigrants to obtain legal status.
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