My Internship Experience With Python And Data Science

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dc.description.abstractThis paper will cover my internship experience with Fortitude Solutions, an Information Technology & Services company and it will introduce some of the concepts and knowledge that I have received from this opportunity. Through my experience and research learning about data science, I had to learn Python, use different data science tools, and figure out how to move, store, and request data from multiple different sources. Before I could understand how to work with, process, and manipulate data, I had to start by learning the basics. This started with working with Python for the first time, and understanding how the language worked in terms of data science. After walking through my progression of learning Python for data science, one of the tools that I will expand on, is a Debezium Proof Of Concept that my mentor introduced me to. Going forward, this experience has drastically improved my programming skills and it has opened my eyes to a new field which I plan on pursuing in the future. It has also allowed me to apply the skills and concepts I have learned from the courses that I have taken beforehand, and it has bolstered my confidence in taking on hard problems and simplifying them. I have finally realized just how necessary data scientists are within our data-driven society and I now understand the capabilities and versatility of the field.en_US
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dc.titleMy Internship Experience With Python And Data Scienceen_US