If Lines : The Visual Sense and Impact of Lines

dc.contributor.advisorCollazo-Llorens, Nayda
dc.contributor.authorJiang, Hao
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dc.description.abstractThis paper contains a written narrative, artist statement, and image addendum mine Studio Art Senior Individualized Project (SIP), which is the titled “If Lines.” Through continuous exploration and digging of lines, connecting, crossing, and rotating, that the main theme of my wood sculpture has gradually formed: The Visual Sense and Impact of Lines. I have always been interested in lines and complex lines. Line-drawing is one of the most important tools in the field of art, and it is also the simplest and most complex art in the world. Lines are all around us, and through features of human psychology such as finding straight lines and trying to make sense of what is being seen, we perceive the outside world as a set of arrangements corresponding to the surrounding background. How to show visual sense and impact through lines is what I pursue and have been working on. Interior design is what I am interested in and my starting point. I try to use wood, rope, and paper to create a sense of space, shadow, and viewing angles between the second and third dimensions, sequentially expressing and presenting the visual sense and impact I want to convey. In some of my works, I use traditional Chinese mortise and tenon joints to achieve precise and stable wood connections. Through my SIP, I hope these works resonates with the viewer and sparks a connection with the indoor spaces and architectural forms that surround us.en_US
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dc.titleIf Lines : The Visual Sense and Impact of Linesen_US