Before its Forgotten : An Example of the Life of Art Through Technology

dc.contributor.advisorCutter, Pamela A., 1970-
dc.contributor.authorScorsone, Amalia
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dc.description.abstractI've truly enjoyed working on my SIP. I've learned a lot, especially about CSS, Bootstrap, and HTML. Moreover, I've gained valuable insight and confidence in troubleshooting issues independently. Specifically, I've learned to recognize when it's time to move on from a project or a detail if it hasn't worked after numerous attempts. Reflecting on it, I might have taken on too much with this project due to my excitement. Currently, I have a homepage, four content pages, and a background page. If I were to continue this project in the future, I would aim to integrate it with a database to allow users to log in, save their work, and submit their own pieces. Additionally, I plan to expand the content by adding more pages—I've already curated some pictures and drawings for potential red or purple content pages. The primary goal behind this project was to bridge my two passions and interests: technology and art. At the very least, I've accomplished that. I've also reinforced my desire to merge these aspects in my life and career, as that's when I feel most confident and enthusiastic. On the technological front, this project involved learning a new framework (Bootstrap), translating ideas into functional code and components, and navigating web hosting. The artistic side of the project is evident everywhere: from the visuals on the homepage to the poems and paragraphs on the content pages, and the scattered drawings and doodles throughout the site. Before It’s Forgotten was envisioned as a platform where my friends, family, and even strangers could explore various forms of artwork in a setting outside of social media.
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dc.titleBefore its Forgotten : An Example of the Life of Art Through Technology