MyPR : Building a Weight Training App

dc.contributor.advisorCutter, Pamela A., 1970-
dc.contributor.advisorCutter, Pamela A., 1970-
dc.contributor.authorMurillo, Jasmin
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dc.description.abstractMyPr is an IOS mobile application for the fitness community, to track progressive overload and inform its users on how to structure workouts to target various body parts to achieve successful progressive overload. Progressive overload is when a person gradually increases the weight and number of reps and sets in strength training. Ultimately, this leads to preventing our bodies from plateauing. This is the concept that occurs when you no longer progress in your workouts either by not being able to add more weight to your sets. This could also lead to not seeing muscle growth for a long period. My research consisted of the modern-day app development process using Xcode, and progressive overload studies. Additionally, I took a course by Chris Ching. The course was a 14-day beginner challenge to learn to build apps using Xcode, Swift and Google firebase.en_US
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dc.titleMyPR : Building a Weight Training Appen_US