The Process of Corporate Reorganization After Failure

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dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this Senior Individualized Project is to understand and analyze the typical process undergone by a Financial Restructuring and Insolvency Advisor when providing services for a failing corporation. In the following paper, I will explain my summer experience, and the process to salvage a failing company. This project will only analyze one way of handling failed corporations with slight touches of alternative options of how the situation could have been handled. This paper will focus on the methods used to locate a failing company, the acquisition of the failed company's assets, and the transition services that are provided for both parties of the acquisition. Throughout the course of the summer I learned the process of working a restructuring deal. The first step is finding a failing corporation and I did this through reading news article, research, and using a logistic regression formula I created to predict insolvency. Once the deal is found, figuring out how to restructure, which is usually done by filing chapter 11 bankruptcies then selling all of the corporations' assets. After that, financial advisors have to provide transition services for the purchase of those assets. Over the summer I realized that the key to becoming a great financial restructuring and insolvency advisor is to understand the big picture of this process and to focus on your task at hand which is to salvage the company and be savvy enough to manage the maximum payout while making the people who matter happy.en_US
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dc.titleThe Process of Corporate Reorganization After Failureen_US