Mobile Ethnography : A Service that Provides Innovative Value and a Competitive Advantage

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Lathrop, Tessa C.
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This marketing plan provides Spruce with tactics and strategies to gain early entry into the industry of mobile ethnography. The main objective of this plan is to reposition Spruce as an ideal provider of mobile ethnography. This marketing plan originated from Spruce's desire to understand the promise of mobile ethnography, a new research technique. Spruce is considering imbedding mobile ethnographic techniques in their existing service offerings, but the firm lacks a defined marketing strategy for how to do so. The following marketing plan will direct Spruce on how to appropriately adopt this innovative technology to benefit the firm and its relevant stakeholders. A literature review will clarify 1) innovation as a force for competitive advantage, 2) innovation as a result of understanding the consumer, 3) ethnography as applied for consumer research, and 4) mobile ethnography as a way to enhance and simulate ethnographic consumer research. The literature review connects different theoretical backgrounds on innovation, ethnography, and mobile ethnography. These elements must be considered when deciding how the firm will position itself next to the emergence of mobile ethnography. A connection section will expand on the theoretical background provided by the literature review. The connection section provides rationale for why Spruce should use mobile ethnography to gain a competitive advantage. It focuses on how mobile ethnography provides different pathways of innovation for Spruce. Additionally, a full situational analysis examines external threats that Spruce must contend for, internal weaknesses Spruce must manage, external opportunities Spruce must focus on, and internal strengths Spruce must leverage. Accounting for these external and internal dynamics, a marketing strategy will aims to differentiate Spruce from other competitors that use mobile ethnography. The marketing mix will provide guidance to adopt this technology. The firm should use its expertise and background in ethnography to appropriately utilize mobile ethnography to gain consumer insights. The first phase of repositioning Spruce as a mobile ethnography provider will depend on certain partnerships. This marketing plan will suggest collaborating with an existing client who has a research project appropriate for mobile ethnography, and Revelation, an existing mobile ethnographic developer. Following the completion of Spruce's first mobile ethnography project, Spruce will be able to critique the manner in which mobile ethnography exists in their present and future capabilities.
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