Ode to the Land of the Rising Sun Through Japanese Identity

dc.contributor.advisorKatanski, Amelia V., 1970-
dc.contributor.authorBorysewicz, Anna Aoki
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dc.description.abstractI see my SIP as an attempt to pay tribute to my Japanese side; a side that I have always thought about, but never been able to adequately express in words. This is not to say that I haven't tried writing about my Japanese identity, because I definitely have -- in the form of many boring essays that were never able to effectively express all the thoughts, emotions, and images that made up being half. One might wonder why I choose to write about the Japanese aspect of myself and not the American. The answer to that question mainly revolves around the fact that in recent years my trips back to Japan have been less frequent. Not only have my trips become less common, but since my last four years have been spent predominately at Kalamazoo College, I have also been cut off from the small Japanese community that exists in New York. That being said, I felt rather disconnected from my Japanese identity, and as a result, I found myself constantly reminiscing about my time in Japan. Because of this disconnect, I saw my SIP as an opportunity to revitalize my relationship with my Japanese identity.en_US
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dc.titleOde to the Land of the Rising Sun Through Japanese Identityen_US