Intelligent User Interface Design Through Complex Event Pattern Recognition on a Mobile Robot Platform

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dc.contributor.advisorFitzgerald, William A.
dc.contributor.advisorDershem, Herbert L.
dc.contributor.authorKairys, Jordan
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dc.description.abstractThis project was an attempt to further the work of Dr. Fitzgerald and his colleagues, Dr. R. James Firby, and Dr. Michael Hannemann. Their work with complex event recognition resulted in a package of software, written in Common Lisp, known as the Complex Event Recognition Architecture (CERA), and a paper, entitled "Multimodal Event Parsing for Intelligent User Interfaces" describing the software. The general goals of the project were to port the software into other languages so that it would have more practical applications, and then demonstrate how it could be used for a practical purpose. I worked on this project alongside a student from Wheaton College named Aaron Phillips, as part of the Hope College REU program. After some discussion, we decided that I would develop the software in the Python language while Aaron would use C++.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipHuman Web Group. Institute for Information Technology. National Research Council of Canada.
dc.description.sponsorshipDepartment of Computer Science. Hope College. Holland, Michigan.
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dc.titleIntelligent User Interface Design Through Complex Event Pattern Recognition on a Mobile Robot Platformen_US