Zombies on Film

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dc.description.abstractThe zombie films of modern society's popular culture are important films in the analysis of the predominant culture and its values. In the field of cultural studies, a society's popular culture is an important window into the concerns, values and interests of smaller and more specific demographics within that society. Products of a culture and society can expose deep psychological attitudes and themes that had produced it, whether the themes and messages are intended or not and the contributions to the popular culture is no exception to this rule. This paper will focus on horror films of modern day popular culture for two reasons; first of all, not any one person is entirely responsible for the final end product of a film, and secondly, any film that is to have an audience must appeal in some way to at least a small group of people somewhere. Nothing is exempt from being read as a product of a certain culture, time period, society or population, and this goes for zombie films as well. Through identifying the themes in a horror film, one can easily recognize the anxieties and fears of the culture whose influence most directly contributed to the production of the film.en_US
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