Modern Email Security Concerns : Threats to Email Privacy and Privacy Solutions

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dc.description.abstractThe modern criminal does not need brute force anymore to steal someone’s money or private information. Criminals that use email in nefarious ways can be harmful to the government, business and everyday citizens. Whether it be flooding a server with spam or carefully crafting a spearfishing attack, email users must remain vigilant. One must also be aware of their stored emails and emails in transit as this information can be seen without the user’s knowledge. The U.S. government does not fully protect the peoples’ privacy. Still, measures can be taken so that one can use email safely. Institutions that create an effective email security policy will be safer from email related attacks. Private user’s must remain vigilant, as spam is constantly circulating.en_US
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dc.titleModern Email Security Concerns : Threats to Email Privacy and Privacy Solutionsen_US