North by Midwest Film Festival : A Marketing Plan for a Local Nonprofit Organization

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Smith, David J.
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The following Senior Individualized Project presents a marketing plan for the North by Midwest Film Festival presented by Public Media Network (PMN). PMN is a nonprofit organization serving the Kalamazoo, MI area. PMN's mission is to provide training, production, and distribution resources so that local voices can be expressed and heard in our community through electronic media. The specific event I will be presenting a marketing plan for is something they have been doing for a few years. Due to weak company awareness, the festival has struggled to increase its attendance for both production and viewing year over year. With a small staff and a limited budget, PMN has difficulties in promoting their event in ways their competition can. Ultimately, the goal would be to bring more people to this event in the forms of film production and attendance at the premiere. Following the introduction, this paper begins with a literature review of marketing theories and strategies in the nonprofit sector, and additionally the challenges nonprofits face and how those can be solved using inexpensive marketing campaigns. Next, the marketing plan will be introduced with a situational analysis on the macro and micro environments, and further include information regarding the festivals competition and specifics regarding the consumer. The marketing plan consists of different strategy aspects and objectives for the festival. Featured by the unique selling points, the main objective for this plan is to increase the total attendance and number of film submissions for the North by Midwest Micro Budget Film Festival. This plan spans one year and should be revised and reevaluated prior to the following North by Midwest Film Festival. This paper proves that there is a way to implement strategic marketing strategies in a nonprofit organization overcoming the challenges that coincide with being a nonprofit. Hence, this plan proposes marketing strategies for a festival that occurs in southwest Michigan. The plan looks to accentuate the necessity for a strong brand recognition and differentiated product that has the opportunity of becoming one of the most attended film festivals in the state.
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