On Finding My Niche: Scenic and Projection Design for Unzipped by Rebecca Chan ‘22

dc.contributor.advisorPotts, Lanford J., 1962-
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dc.description.abstractLike many other students of creative studies, I deal with an immense amount of imposter syndrome, and I still frequently debate with myself about whether or not I am truly good at what I do. However, I know for a fact that my work on Unzipped was incredible. I did a fantastic job on my projections, and my scenic design provided a beautiful playing space for my images, as well as elevating Rebecca’s story spatially in a really interesting way. I worked harder on this production than any other production I have ever participated in, and it was nothing short of wonderful to sit in the audience of the final show in our run, knowing that I played a major role in creating the world of the play. I have undoubtedly found my theatrical niche in projection design, and I cannot wait to continue growing my skill set in this area in future productions at Kalamazoo College and beyond.en_US
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dc.titleOn Finding My Niche: Scenic and Projection Design for Unzipped by Rebecca Chan ‘22en_US