Development of iOS Applications ‘LBW Live Scores’ and ‘Kova’ Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT

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dc.contributor.authorAjjarapu, Harsha
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dc.description.abstractMy venture into this realm commenced with a collaborative project alongside Usaid Bin Shafqat, a distinguished alumnus of Kalamazoo College and a close friend. Together, we developed ‘LBW Live Scores,’ an innovative iOS application that effectively utilizes the Live Activities feature of iOS 16. This project went beyond mere coding and app design, serving as an immersive experience into the world of SwiftUI, a powerful tool for constructing sophisticated user interfaces. As I navigated through the intricacies of SwiftUI, I gained invaluable insights and established a strong foundation in application development. Building upon the momentum and expertise acquired from this collaborative effort, I initiated my own independent project: ‘Kova.’ Focused on Object Detection, ‘Kova’ integrates Machine Learning models and OpenAI’s GPT 4 Vision API, which is currently undergoing development. This venture transcended the boundaries of a typical application, representing an exploration into the cutting-edge intersection of machine learning and AI within the iOS ecosystem. ‘Kova’ serves as proof to my growth as a developer, showcasing my ability to seamlessly blend technical proficiency with innovative problem-solving. The journey through the development of ‘LBW Live Scores’ and ‘Kova’ has been a cornerstone of my academic and professional growth. These projects have not only enhanced my technical skill set but also deepened my comprehension of the possibilities and challenges within the realm of modern app development. They exemplify the fusion of creativity and technical knowledge, underscoring the essence of innovation in the field of technology.
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dc.titleDevelopment of iOS Applications ‘LBW Live Scores’ and ‘Kova’ Using OpenAI’s ChatGPT